The Company

The fresh ice cream craft workshop named Gelateria Dimitriou founded in 2011 by the company Dimitriou George & Co. in Selianitika Aegialias area, a small village by the sea near the town of Aegio.

The “Family Dimitriou” with long experience in the confectionery field through the two pastry shops available in the local market, is well known for its high quality products and benefits of every personal and social event.

Upon this basis was set up, studied and blossomed a great love of the member of “Family Dimitriou”, George Dimitriou, which is said … ice cream and more correctly … GELATO!

Always with attendant trust and support of his father Andreas Dimitriou and his mother Helen decided to establish the organization and functioning of a modern laboratory and high standards, with a single goal … Daily to produce fresh, healthy, impressive in presentation, but above all unique ice cream flavor.

And indeed materialized. Our partners ordering ice cream that want from a wide variety of flavors, but they are given the possibility to “create” flavors of their choice and always based on their needs. The ice cream is produced exclusively for them to achieve fresh, quality and stable product taste.